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My name: Kreatif Utama Budaya Anak Seni Kubas
My Fotopage: http://kubas.fotopages.com/
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From: Malaysia
Other: E 300
halaman ku
Latest entry:salam aidilfitri
huhu... mmg dah sunyi dah fp nie, semua dah berpindah ke FB, siapa2 nak add gua, jom klik... View this Fotopage entry
lensa baru
Latest entry:Jalan-jalan Pedu Lake
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Lan Md
Latest entry:Green outing
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mohd Nazri
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Feyee Fakhruddin
Latest entry:Yati & Salleh
Terima kasih kerana merakamkan saat bahagia anda bersama NRstudio.Dengan kerjasama anda kami hargai.Bagaimanapun selamat pengantin baru buat Salleh & Yati.Moga berkekalan ke anak cucu. ;-) Yang selebihnya boleh lawati di laman web http://nrstudio.page.tl Tarikh : 25-27 December 2008 Lokasi : Pulapor 1st PhotoG : Feyee 2nd PhotoG : Qudus View this Fotopage entry
min pretty peeks
Latest entry:funny faces.. of pretty peektures future CEO.. keh keh keh
for those who probably don't know yet, i have stopped updating this fotopage for quite some time, and only once in a blue moon, i will put new peeks here... but mostly taken from my other sites. should you have yet to bookmark them ( hahaha LOL, macamlah bagus nak suruh org bookmark website kita ), here are several other sites/spaces of mine : facebook : http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=634693731 flickr : http://www.flickr.com/min435 blog : http://peeksbymin.blogspot.com this peek of pre... View this Fotopage entry
ariff shah
Latest entry:Check it out our new website!!
www.theinsightpictures.com View this Fotopage entry
mara stoned
Latest entry:put some old picture
enjoy and have crit... View this Fotopage entry
beijing fly
beeimd unikl
Latest entry:majlis perpisahan unikl 2008
knape aku panggey ni majlis perpisahan?akan aku huraikan nanti..wat mse ni korg layan je dlu gamba konvo neh..teaser la dlu..xsmpat nak edit lg gambar korg.... View this Fotopage entry
shahrul nizam
Latest entry:Mujib & Zazaleena
Majlis Resepsi Dan Makan Malam Mujib & Zazaleena Majlis Resepsi Dan Makan Malam Mujib & Zazaleena Country Heights Club House Jitra, Kedah SHAHRUL FREELANCE WEDDING/EVENT PHOTOGRAPHER CENTRAL / NORTHERN REGION from the team of r e f l e c t i o n w i z a r d a member of FOTOMEDIA MALAYSIA (3235) +60192621630 archs2dio@yahoo.co.uk FAIZ (associate photographer) FREELANCE WEDDING/EVENT PHOTOGRAPHER CENTRAL... View this Fotopage entry
boy boy
Latest entry:macam - macam ada...
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rempit berbunga..
tukang klik
Latest entry:mia safiya
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Zafri Baharuddin
Latest entry:getting the ball rolling
Dearest family and friends, Thank you for all your support in making our journey thus far very easy. It is with utmost happiness that I have chosen Sarah Khalilah, my friend of 9 years, girlfriend of 1 month, as my life partner. The risik progression was unexpectedly formal. It went well and our engagement date has been decided. We look forward to taking the next step in tightening our bonds. Post-risik pics are here: http://profmuse.fotopages.com/?entry=1052763() View this Fotopage entry
made with love
hazwani hussain
Latest entry:Tremendous boredom
Nothing much. Just that fyl came over and snap few pictures of my sister on the treadmill. Weird? I think she just got her inspiration LOL . Oh i snap today's sunset. Didnt wake up early today so i missed sunrise. Oh and the lamp that i bought from ikea. Oooh loving it. :-> View this Fotopage entry
my room

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